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Terrible Twos part III

Terrible Twos part III

Hello ‘ello, welcome back. The last twos weeks I’ve been busy with school, exams and admission tests. What a party that has been, so I decided to focus on one thing at a time. That was that. 

Let’s get back to our TT’s Monday edition, I’ll tell you more about my life on Friday. 

So, this weekend we had a playdate with a girl from Cas‘ daycare. I officially live for these playdates now, well with her.I carry a torch for Cas and her, they played so well together, with the usual “Mine” and the “sharing wtf is that? it’s normal. But after she had gone home and Cas awoke from his 40 MINUTE NAP!Fuck. He asked where she was and explaining that she was with her darling parents (HI GUYS! THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS AND ENTERTAINMENT SATURDAY. I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE. I’LL BRING THE CAKE.) I admit, he was irritated. All Sunday it was “Where is she? Play.“Sunday was long, so as every good parent I gave him an ice cream and we played on the playground. 

But todays edition was actually; Bathtime. You know, that thing that one day brings out the next Olympic swimmer for your country. Or… The next day that you’ve apparently filled the tub with acid and trying to boil your child. Good time, good times.

Here, we love baths. We did have a period where giving a bath was like trying to bathe a cat. Such a shite period, but it’s great again.

We are fighting the fact he doesn’t want to come up and insists he is now with mermaids. We should just come fill the tub with hot water every 30 minutes, but remember snacks and beach balls. Yes, Dines has given him a beach ball for his baths. What a horrible idea that was, but damn the splashing! Is there a sport where you only splash? ’cause Cas would be the gold winner. I’ve never been so soaked as when we met that ball. 

Sidetrack aside, we are still not allowed to wash his hair. In Castiels book, thats when the acid reappears. Damn boy, it’s just water cause all the soap has left the tub and is down in the hallway. 

Until Wednesday; stay positive mamas. After Terrible Twos, we have Tantrum Threes and Fucking Fours. Stay classy xoxo


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