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According to Google, Flødebolle is Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

According to Google, Flødebolle is Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

My Wednesday couldn’t have started of on a worse note, which sucked so much. But that passed when Dines came home and remembered to get all the things I asked for. Yes, I am that easy to please and yes, he didn’t have to be told twice. Some men are just geniuses! 

Anyways, last year Castiel (Yes, a six-month old indeed buy his mum, aunt and grandmother a gift. SH) got his aunt, grandmother and me a gift. To make Flødeboller, which translates to Chocolate covered Marshmallows, why? I don’t know. I honestly thought it was cream puffs? Ah leave it Karina! But back to the story. Last year we three found a day to visit Social Foodies and make FLØDEBOLLER, learn the word. Cause I am not translating it. For me it was an experience that made me fall in love with flødeboller, I weren’t there biggest fan, but! I do enjoy them, just not the same way I enjoy a good smoothie or cake. 

So Dines and I decided to have a “date day” at home, which ended cause now he is playing PUBG and I‘m writing this. This was the hardest idea I‘ve put my mind too. The chocolate, you have to make sure it doesn’t get to cold or too warm! You have to make sure that the middle part was exactly right or it would end up all over my table. So I’m glad he helped me, so glad! We made some for us, for his study group (HI GUYS!) and Cas. (Cry about it, will you.) 

They look amazing, and I can’t wait to make them for god knows how many people for my birthday! 

So let us see how they turned out, underneath! 


Dines is officially the chocolate warmer! You go boy!


Honestly, considering it was my second time and Dines first. That top looks so good.

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