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Black Smoothie

Black Smoothie

Hello friends, today I’m bringing you my finished recipe on my finished recipe on my black smoothie, it took a few times to perfect it but it happened.

As you can see on the picture these are the things you’ll need for the smoothie:

2 frozen bananas

One and a half cup of frozen raspberries (any berry, but I’d advice you to read up on the berries benefits. Raspberries have antioxidants which are good when detoxing)

500ml spring water

One packet of activated charcoal, I use Sort Of Coal a danish brand but they send to the whole world.

Up in the blender and full speed, you can serve it with edible flowers and straws if you want.

There are a ton of benefits for drinking activated charcoal and also some things you have to be careful about. But I’ll warn you now, your poop will most likely be black for 48 hours and you have to drink a lot of water, 2 litres I recommend. Thank me later!

Karina xoxo

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