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Comfort food for cold days.

Comfort food for cold days.

Happy Recipe Wednesday! Today I‘m going to introduce you to nought filled horns or any kind of filled horns? Truth be told, you can put any chocolate in them and today I decided to try out milk chocolate, because dark can get a big too much for me. 

Growing up these were my absolute favourite thing when I went to visit my bedstefar and Trille, she would always bake when us children were there and we were there a lot (every weekend and nearly all school vacations). When us children were old enough she would let us help her in the kitchen, which is where I learnt to make these by heart. Now being a mother of my own, I love spoiling Cas with goodies and a bit of sugar. And when he doesn’t want them, Dines and I will happily eat them for him. For me these are to be eaten warm and on cold days, like today with -6, seriously? It’s March tomorrow, get your shit together weather! With people you love and just plain old hygge. This recipe makes 32 filled horns, or I get 32. You might get less or more, depending on how big or small!

For the dough you want:

50g active yeast. 

2 1/2 dl milk

Two eggs (Room temp.) 

Three tbsps sugar (I don’t add sugar to my dough because it can get too sweet, depending on what you choose as filling.) 

200 g margarine 

600 g flour, maybe more or maybe less, but I probably use 625-650 g. 


Chocolate or custard, you decide! For mine I had 400 g milk chocolate. 

To start with, preheat your oven up to 225 C.

Now warm the milk, but only until it hits 39 degrees! If you accidentally end up over 40 degrees, you can let it cool down and go back to it two minutes later. 

While you wait, crumble the yeast as well as you can and add the milk that is now 39 degrees. Melt the margarine and while you wait, whip your two eggs together and add them to your milk and yeast. After the margarine has melted, let it cool down a bit. You don’t want the extra heat to screw up the yeasts effect. While you wait add the flour and knead it. Knead it real good baby. Now add the cooled margarine and knead it in. Cover your dough and let it rise baby, rise. 

Once 45 to an hour has passed, go out and visit your dough. Looking good? Awesome. 

Now divide the dough into four equally big parts and roll the dough out on the table (Add a bit of flour underneath so it doesn’t stick.). Cut your cough into eight pieces and place some chocolate or custard, whatever you choose. And roll it up as if you are making croissants! Yes, they need that shape. You can now place them on your baking tray. Once on the tray let them rise an extra 20 minutes, when your 20 minutes are up, pencil them with egg or don’t. Last time I didn’t and I prefer not too… Bake them for 12-15 minutes, or until they are a nice golden colour. 

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