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Cravings: Dates, banana and mango smoothie

Cravings: Dates, banana and mango smoothie

I managed to hit week 35 without some special cravings, but this morning I suddenly had an urge for dates. Which is weird, I hate dates. They are raisins, just on drugs and really sweet. Seriously, do they add sugar to them?!

So to make them eatable (more like drinkable) I put them in a smoothie with mango and banana. It wasn’t bad, I managed to put in tons of mango just to, you know, try and dampen the taste of dates.

It some what succeeded and tasted really good.

Craving smoothie:

3 FROZEN bananas

6 dates

1 1/2 cup FROZEN mango

400ml water or whatever you like to put in your smoothie.

Cut up the frozen bananas and put them in the blender, remove the pits from the dates and add the mango. Add 200ml water to start with and turn on the blender, then add the rest and turn it on again. If you feel it needs more water or.less dates. You do you.

Love, Karina

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