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Happy days

Happy days

Oh Mondays, how you Grace us with your presence once again.

This weekend Denmark was hit with one hell of a heat wave to put it mildly. My one foot met the sun in a bad way, but apparently when you’re pregnant your skin needs more sunblock. Honestly, I don’t feel like SPF 50 was enough for me, I need an SPF 100.

Cas went to visit farmor and farfar om their boat.

Saturday was reserved for my parent in laws. We went to Kalvehave havn, just to see them before we leave for Spain on Friday and to give them the Kardemommesnurrer I made Friday. I don’t do boats really, I find them scary. I think my in laws could witness my protecting motherhood with Cas Saturday, because he could live on that boat. We also went down to the water, which is probably where my sunblock washed off… On the one foot. After that we went and had ice cream and dinner on the boat.

Cas and dad visiting the polar bears.

Sunday came, we went to the zoo. One more hot day, fun fact about the heat in Denmark compared to Spain, it’s somehow just more intense. But around 12pm, we had to leave because it was unbelievably hot and we had to help my dad. It was too hot to function.

Today is Monday. Today Cas was home with me, he was supposed to start kindergarten but I had a midwife appointment so we decided to keep him home and… You know how life works in weird ways? Well so does the pregnant body.

Best thing after being checked head to toe for three hours.

So the family knows that I have been tried with a, different pregnancy. And today after a month of uhm, spot bleeding. I decided to swallow my stubbornness, mostly because we are going to Spain on Friday and I want to give Cas and Dines the best holiday before we become a family of four.

So I was at Riget for three and something hours. First they checked her heart beat and urine. Came back that my blood sugar is low (great). We waited 30 minutes for the doctor to come and take me in for a scan, inside and out and a cervix exam. While I unfortunately fell into the box where they don’t know what is causing the bleeding. It’s fine, I was told to keep an eye on it. Which I’ll do.

Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling of feeling bad about wasting their time, they say I didn’t. But I had to call in Dines to come take Cas while I waited and got tested. So overall, the start of my week has been rather fun after an absolute fun-filled weekend.

Love, Karina.

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