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Intimacy & Sex: That uncomfortable topic

Intimacy & Sex: That uncomfortable topic

For those who have children or are waiting children, know by now that sex and intimacy has a totally different meaning than what it had before either having one, two or three children and/or being pregnant, to that time when you were only a twosome. When you were a twosome you could have sex whenever and wherever (I am talking about the bed) and stay up until 3am talking about your dreams, your future and your feelings. 

But when you have children, you don’t really have that much quality time together. Either one or both of you are tired from working, school or being alone with your children all day, that putting your relationship first isn’t a priority and sex starts to seem like a chore more than what it really is, which is amazing and beautiful. 

For many, sex is a very uncomfortable topic and preferred to be hid away rather than having an open and frank talk about it and our bodies. So lets try today.

In our home we try to teach Castiel about body positivity and that sex is a natural part of life. Much to peoples dismay, I’m very sex positive and very open about my sex life. I do’t think it’s something to hide away but not shout about. 

I used to think that we needed more intimacy, but as Dines reminds me everyday, we have amazing intimacy, because I’ve been so good at keeping it alive, even when our relationship had it’s hardships. 

Dines and I have finally experienced, “parent sex” – parent sex is those five minutes you have between everything. Or also those night quickies because your kid is currently having scary dreams. It’s more about how long it takes rather than where you’re doing it. Parent sex is beautiful, it’s the new normal when you’ve had a kid and sometime in the future you’ll have another. It might not be the old hot and heavy, but there’s something thrilling about being caught and explaining mummy and daddy are doing “yoga”, and daddy is helping positioning my hips.

So there, I’m here breaking the taboo about sex and having an open decision about it. Enjoy the images your brain is sending now.

Karina xoxo

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