Not a perfect human

Maternity bubble.

Maternity bubble.

I am currently in a full blown maternity and toddler bubble. So my time has become extremely limited to everything, even peeing. The past month has just passed us by and left me pondering about the great questions in life – “Where do you see yourself at 30?”

Okay let’s back up, I’m only 27 but nonetheless I have dreams. This past year has gone by in a blink of an eye and I was pregnant for like, 9 of them. And next month is December, which means Christmas followed by New year’s Eve. So that means it’s 2020. But I’ve accomplished a lot in 2019, graduating, having overcome some parts Of my anxiety (I’ll work on the rest in 2020), not lose my shit over the small stuff (hello patience!) And finally acknowledged that life is beyond my control and I only can control myself and my own actions. I guess that’s where I see myself by 30, with my blog, two children, husband and whatever he is doing.

So what’s for 2020? This blog, overcoming the rest of my insecurities, doing less in the weekends and more with my children, have date nights with Dines and not break any promises to myself and something about being positive when times are tough. Take more pictures, print the pictures and make scrapbooks with Cas. Teach Cas to bake (with helping hands) and just be myself.

You know, not that version people think they want but your genuine self. The one that isn’t serious or pretends to have a perfect life. Cause I don’t and I am okay with that.

But it’s no secret that my husband has taught me about going after what I want and he did this year. I am so proud of him, he worked it ass off and it paid off, and now he is letting me work my ass off and taking a step back.

So what’s next? Well recipes. A shit ton of them, I have them lined up and just needed to be made and captured on film but there’s plenty of time for that.

Now I am going to go and look at my sleeping daughter aka. Cas’s favourite person. The downgrade hurts or something.

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