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Monday funday.

Monday funday.

Mondays, for some people a fresh start at a new week and for others, the worst day ever. For me? I like Mondays, it means you can start a new week and you decide how the week should go, either you are entering it positively or negatively, you decide. And after the weekend and last part of last week I had, I love this Monday even more. But before I jump into that, I want to tell you all. I appreciate each of you ready my posts, sometimes rants. But I do, because it means you really enjoy my random outburst. But let us move on before I bore you.


Soooooooo last week ended on an interesting note. We got a Castiel with HFMD (hand, foot and, mouth disease) home from daycare. But were we lucky? The worst it spread was inside his poor mouth and underneath his poor tongue and the tip of it. Poor Castiel couldn’t eat because want should put the shit topping on an already shit cake? He was also teething, he got three new teeth since Thursday. First, yes Castiel is teething very slowly and is slow getting his teeth but we have been told it is okay. Also, very exciting, he speaks! Yes, mum is the word, and a few others, yes, no. Today he tried to say boob. I am clearly rocking this mum gig. Second, during the time Cas couldn’t eat, he was getting boob. I am not ashamed to admit that I am still breastfeeding* a 16-month-old child. And if you think its perverted, get the fuck of off my blog. Because I am planning to breastfeed till he is two. Thirdly, Castiel eats a lot, and cut down his boob intake himself, he likes kale and steak with mashed potatoes and shit ton of gravy. But it didn’t stop us from going to the playground Saturday and having a hell of a time.


But today Castiel ate, and seemed like he had no plans to slow down, so I think we were lucky that he is feeling better. Even got the okay to go to daycare, yay! And he slept better last night, not that it didn’t keep me from waking up, every 30 minutes in fear that he was in so much pain that he couldn’t yell out. During Christmas I will catch up on sleep, maybe. Honestly, Mondays are good for us.


Yet, today I am in the giving mood. And giving I will, I decided to post my grandmas carrot roll recipe online. So here it is

Gulerodsbrydeboller: (15 stk.)

2½ dl lunkent vand

2 spsk olie

1 tsk salt

2 revne gulerødder (200 g)

50 g solsikkekerner

50 g gær

1 æg

100 g grahamsmel

ca 350 g hvedemel

pensling med mælk og drys med solsikkekerner.

Skræl og riv gulerødderne. Rør gæren ud i det lunkne vand. Tilsæt olie, salt, revne gulerødder, solsikkekerner og æg. Tilsæt grahamsmel og hvedemel

            og ælt dejen godt igennem. Stil dejen til hævning et lunt sted i ca. 1 time.


Ælt dejen let sammen og form den til 15 boller, der lægges tæt sammen i en cirkel med en smule mellemrum på en plade med bagepapir – start indefra.


Lad brødene efterhæve i 30 min. Pensl med mælk og drys med solsikkekerner.

            Bag kransen ved 225 grader i 15 min. Afkøles på bagerist.

2½ dl lukewarm water

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp salt

50 g sunflower seeds

50 g active yeast

1 egg (if vegan, you can forget it. It doesn’t really change anything)

100 g grahams flour

350 g flour (maybe more. I use around 400)

pencil the rolls with milk (or if vegan soya milk) and sprinkle sunflower seeds on top.

Peel carrots and shred carrots. Mix the yeast with the lukewarm water. Add oil, salt, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds and egg (if use).

Then add the grahamsflour and normal flour. Knead it and put it away for an hour.When the hour has passed, form 15 rolls and let them rise for 30 minutes afterwards. Turn the oven on at 225c for 15 minutes.

Pencil the rolls and add the sunflower seeds.

Have fun.


Karina xoxo

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