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My Comic Con adventure

My Comic Con adventure

Comic Con. For a lot of people, it’s a place where nerds and geeks go to be with “their own” or it’s a place where you go dressed up as Manga characters. But that’s not the case here. Yesterday, Saturday, May 5th, I went to Comic Con Copenhagen, in March I had bought my ticket and asked a friend to join me because, I didn’t know if it would be toddler friendly. It was, which was awesome.

My adventure started at 10 AM, making it an experiment to mark the limits of my social anxiety. To cut a short story even shorter, no anxiety attacks and I didn’t want to go home.

When I entered Forum where Comic con was being held, I got a sense of familiarity and oddly secure feeling. The place was amazingI encountered people dressed up as my favourite characters. I found my new chair. You may have heard of it. It’s called the Iron Throne (I am coming for you Cersei.). I bought so much. One thing I wish I did, was dress the hell up. Now I am next year but damn. After about an hour and some time to relax and start writing this, I had settled into my newly found love for people. Meeting people who gave absolutely no shits if people on the metro were staring at them for not dressing up, I came to the conclusion, they fucking rock. Here are some of the characters I met and Nikolaj captured pictures of for me. Thanks again!


Toothless and I. I showed Cas the picture and he loved it.


This is Patrick Pedersen, You can find him here.


This woman, had me fangirling over her make up and how she pulled off her character. Please go and follow her instagram. It’s filled with more awesome pictures and I can’t wait to see her next year at Comic Con and maybe even before.


At 1 PM, my friend came and we again walked around, buying more stuff. I am the happy owner of: A Deadpool door matt, a map of the Game of Thrones universe which can be bought here, a map of Lord of The Rings and a map of the Hobbit desolation of smaug. I also bought Cas a stuffed blue goat? I am just gonna say goat. I even met Darth Vader, we had a nice talk and I’m going to have to join the dark side, he promised me cookies.

Darth Vader, a stormtropper and me. What could go wrong?


I forgot to ask which ones tho. Nikolaj and I got interviewed of TV2 because we weren’t dressed up, I don’t know if it’s been broadcasted yet but if it has. I made a comment about if comic con comes back next year, I was nervous becauseI’ve never been interviewed before and apologise for the comment, of course it’s coming back next year and I didn’t mean to talk without a filter.

Overall I had a great experience, and I’m looking forward to next year, the costumes, the people and to show you my costumes for both days. Castiel will be joining me at Comic Con next year. Thank you Comic Con for making my first proper outing without Dines and Cas filled with so much laughter.

To finish off with, let me introduce you Svjan Köppes‘ dragon. He made it out of that foam and spent four months on it. He can take it apart nine different places, but you can’t touch it cause it’s hollow inside. I am amazed by the different talents and people I met at Comic Con, this is just the beginning of a lot more Comic Cons.


Okay, its just of the head. BUT LOOK AT IT.

and here’s a picture of Nikolaj with Ariel and Moana. Thank you for letting us take a picture and I still love your outfits. Also thank you teddy bear selling guy for the photobomb!

little bonus: I’m attending comic con in Stockholm in September and Cas will be joining in on the fun

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