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Our travel destinations 2018

Our travel destinations 2018

Robert William Service once wrote;

“The Wanderlust has got me . . . by the belly-aching fire, By the fever and the freezing and the pain; By the darkness that just drowns you, by the wail of home desire, I’ve tried to break the spell of it — in vain. Life might have been a feast for me, now there are only crumbs; In rags and tatters, beggar-wise I sit; Yet there’s no rest or peace for me, imperious it drums, The Wanderlust, and I must follow it.”

And why am I quoting him? Because A. The poem is badass, it’s called “The Wanderlust” and B. It’s relevant for everyone who is aching in their bodies for adventures.

Lately, our friends have been going on their adventures; we have started getting restless. Even though we have three vacations lined up this year, July, Poland. July/August is Spain, and December is Australia, the great outback. It’s also to make sure that Castiel gets more than just seeing the same countries like Spain and Poland.

But since Castiel is so young and probably won’t remember the vacations we have until he is five. I bought him a travel journal, called “Swept away by WANDERLUST”¬†made by Axel and Ash.

Which Dines and I will fill out on our next nine destinations, before I have to buy a new one. And give to Castiel when he is ready to start his travels alone or with a group of friends. Something that I‘m pushing for, because the world is a huge place and I genuinely want to see it all but, I don’t think I will. So I am hoping our love for travel rubs off on him and as soon as he is 18 goes “See ya at Christmas mum and dad.” What could go wrong?¬†

But! 2018 means, Poland, Spain and lastly Australia. Or to be more specific, Brisbane. Let the fun begin, and fun is a 24 hour flight with two land overs with two hours and a 2 year old toddler. The Terrible Twos series is going to be ongoing.

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