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The Terrible Twos.

The Terrible Twos.

Wow, this weekend flew by so fast, maybe too fast but so did Monday. How the heck is it already Tuesday?! My god next know it’s Friday but think most parents can with me say, you have a kid, time flies by twice as. Not that I really mind, because that is my life now. 

So what did I do this past weekend?Well, Friday I went to see Black Panther with Dines and OUR friends. WOOHOO I HAVE FRIENDS! SUCK IT GUYS. And afterwards we went out to discuss the movie like mature adults. Saturday we had lunch with my in-laws and picked Cas up from his sleep over at his grandparents, my in-laws. Cas is currently in a phase where everything is his and sleep is shit. Honestly, Cas had no nap Saturday because he wanted to play with his cousin and was scared he would be left out. He passed out pretty quick when we got home and only woke up to have dinner. But after eating he went back to bed and slept until 6 am where he and I agreed that MCR (My Chemical Romance) would be a great idea to dance too. What can I say? On Sundays we listen to emo and don’t give a fuck. Sunday we were lazy and Cas was awesome, assisting us in cleaning. I‘m enjoying the cleaning part, because soon he’ll be a teenager and won’t lift a finger, in fear that it’ll break.Or so I‘ve been told. 

But wow, I‘m still trying to understand this mum job. Am I the only thinking “The Terrible Two’s” might be something us parents fabricated to be less dickish about the fact that our children are just growing independent? And finally adopting their own personality that we either aren’t ready for or just didn’t see coming? I see it in Cas, how he is thriving and growing. I believe its hard, and he is actually really easy. But I am loving this troublemaking phase. It’s so much fun for me.
Children in daycare used to be able to walk all over him, but now he is telling them to move along and get some other toys. Sure we have had episodes here at home where he gets pissed off at his toys and decides to toss it. But honestly I think more that is the “me” in him. But he is a super easy kid, I’m so sad that it’s going to end! Cas is stubborn, born stubborn and somehow the stubbornness is growing. He wants to decide, fine. Good luck with that mate, you can’t even spell your name but you think you‘re going to decide your bedtime? Haha nope. 

What, Karina, are you saying that Cas isn’t a ideal little angel and you aren’t that perfect mother that everyone expected from you? Hell no son. I am so done with terrible twos, and the worst is yet to come. Rest in peace mentality. But luckily I got Dines to help and my in-laws. So now I will leave you be with this:

Toddlers are a**holes and it’s okay because it is normal in their development. Your kid is just fine and healthy.

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2 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos.”

  • Great blog! Toddlers are a**holes. Teens doubly so. Acknowledging that is Good and Healthy. And if all else fails, look at the little twat and tell him that you’re older, stronger and smarter and you *will* prevail.

    • Haha. Without doubt! Looking forward to the teen years.
      Did I sleep until 11 am on weekends? No! Until 4am, so will you boy!

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