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Vacation mode part I.

Vacation mode part I.


I’m currently on vacation with Cas and Dines in Spain, which will actually be our last year in Spain as a family of three. So this year we plan to make it extra special.

Cas is pool ready, Spiderman swimsuit is bought in the Disney store.

This year I admit is extra fun, while there’s restrictions on my side, I try to be as active in the pool (you know, weightless) as possible and play with Cas. Thing is, he really likes the deep end, so we are teaching him to doggy paddle with his konfidence swim vest on. He looks so proud when he manages to swim over to one of us with little help.

Moderated screentime is fun. When the obsession with Toy Story is at an all time high.

With all of this, I entered my 30th week of pregnancy. Oh boy, I can’t believe I have 10 (+/-) to go! I am no where near ready, but with Cas I wasn’t either. This time I’ll probably have a hospital bag tho.

10 weeks to go (+/-)

I have finally embraced my pregnancy curves. Something that hits very close to home, as many know I suffer from ED, so being on vacation means for Dines that I’m on vacation for a lot of other things as well.

But Spain, the amount of plastic is making me angry. While we can’t drink the water, I don’t think it’s alright that I have to buy a huge amount of plastic to stay hydrated. My sustainable soul can’t take it. This year my carbon footprint alone is huge, a new baby and flying places. So please, find a more sustainable solution to the water bottles!

Love, Karina.

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