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Vacation mode part II

Vacation mode part II

Entering our final week of our vacation in Spain, is making me look forward to next year where L. E is joining us. Of course she’ll be 9-10 months but none the less, it’s going to be a blast.

My cravings are currently being my biggest annoyance. Once I craved pizza, pasta and fruit has been replaced with cravings of banana split (you can’t knock an amazing banana split), fruit (still) and for some reason salad. Mostly in craving kale, I miss kale.

Did someone say BANANA SPLIT?!

As I stated in my previous post, embracing your pregnancy body and the new normal (for another 9 weeks, give or take). You slowly realize that those perfect numbers supermodels have, aren’t really perfect. I’m a sucker for healthy living and exercise because it keeps my mental health at an all time positive and I also know myself well enough to admit, that I do enjoy the fine things in life. Like homemade churros or homemade banana split, shared with Dines while rewatching Stranger Things, in my PJs.

Someone had managed to piss Poseidon off.

Honestly, I love Spain. Being away from Copenhagen has done me good. Sometimes you need to get away, clear your head to help remember what you want in life and just remind you that like seaweed, your problems can get washed away too (if you let them).

Next week we’re home and while I am excited as heck to get back, to our friends, our normal life. I will miss being on vacation. And that’s alright, because we have to start preparing for L. E to come (!!!!!) And I still don’t have my hospital bag packed or picked up anything from where we keep our baby stuff. Damn, the next many weeks are going to be filled with prepping for baby and enjoying my summer with Cas.

Love, Karina.

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