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Welcome to the sustainable lifestyle

Welcome to the sustainable lifestyle

Hi guys!

Today I’m talking sustainability, something that has become such a great part of my life because I really want to leave a nice planet for my children and theirs. When I decided to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, it was mainly because I had Cas and I had a fear of what kind of planet we would be living him, and other children being brought into this world. So, when Dines and I decided to adopt a lifestyle that actually made much more sense than what we were living. We started to feel better, and evolving new habits and values, made us feel like we were passing better things onto Cas. It’s scary to think about how unware or uneducated I used to be about all this, plainly because I was scared to face the problem, that I contributed too. But now our lifestyle has changed, so Dines said I should post a few tips about that we do;

  1. We ditched plastic – I always really hated plastic bags, but we ditched them for a nice organic cotton recycled bag.
  2. We buy less packaging – This is something that I found so hard. EVERYTHING COMES IN PLASTIC AROUND IT! But when I buy loose stuff, I don’t put it in plastic. If it’s fruit, like bananas or mangos, I just don’t put it in plastic. I drink my water from 24Bottles.
  3. Emptying the fridge once a week – When its Sunday, we normally cook meals with leftovers from the fridge. It’s a good tip because Sundays are our lazy day.
  4. Turn the lights off – We live in the dark during the day, until it gets really dark outside. We don’t see the point in having the lights on.
  5. Recycle! – I loooooove recycle! Since I’ve started making clothes, I take my old clothes that I don’t want to donate and recycle it into some children’s clothes, by making some pattern out of it. Which also means I reduce my need for buying new material for making clothes. Win – win.
  6. Walk places that doesn’t take more than an hour to walk to – I have always hated public transport, it’s warm, it smells, and people are cramped. I already hate tiny spaces and suffer from anxiety, so I prefer to walk places. Plus gives me a chance to reconnect with nature (or the city streets)
  7. Wear sustainable clothing – Since becoming my own designer, I’ve become so aware of how the fabric I use is made. Which is why I only make sustainable clothing, bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, linen and so on. The fashion industry* is one of the worst things for our environment and nobody is going to care if you’re wearing Prada when everything is dead.

Here’s a bit on how we changed our lifestyle. I hope you find inspiration in this.

Karina xoxo

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