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When social media and happiness collide.

When social media and happiness collide.

With the wedding season, finally over and the pictures have stopped being posted on social media. Well, there is always the occasional “Been married a month to this hot piece of ass”, which I’ve learnt to pass by. But to admit, I’m one of those and I fucking love it. I love sharing how happy I am, I’m not always happy with Dines. We have our fair share of disagreements about a lot of stuff, and I will admit I tend to be the bitch, that when he is about to yell. I will be calm and say, “Why are you being so dramatic?” he calls me out on that shit too. I love it.

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Thank you for making me your wife and thank you for always be the light on my darkest days. Thank you for our son and thank you for being you. Anyone who can call you a friend is lucky because knowing you, you will do whatever for each and every single person. Also thank you for pissing me off sometimes, means a lot.

Why do you always only share either pictures of your son or your husband?

I know people don’t care that I have the best husband in the world or most amazing son. Or how they’ve bought me flowers and Cas went to sleep without a struggle. Cause 1) my husband isn’t the best and he hasn’t bought me flowers (sorry social media) this week or month. I buy my own flowers, cause I’m a strong independent woman. Joke over. 2) my son hasn’t gone to sleep without a struggle with Dines home. But it’s okay, cause it’s my life and I love each moment of it. I have a Facebook for my personal shit, like pictures of Dines and Cas and I have my work page. Which is where I share work related stuff and other stuff so it won’t get boring and only be about work work work. Do I know it’s annoying? Yes. Do I care? Nope, cause it’s my Facebook ha! You can unfriend or unfollow. When Dines does something sweet or Cas is being extra cute that day I can’t help it, I want to share it and I share it because there are actually people who want to see it, I have family all over the world and they can’t see him as much as other family members so Facebook or Instagram is the only way for them to see Cas and Dines. I didn’t grow up in a happy home and for 22 years, my life sucked. So much, I’m not kidding and I’m not going to apologize for being truthful. Until I reconnected with Dines, life was shit. So, when I share with others how happy I am, it’s not really bragging but trying to keep family members updated on how my life is. I’m lucky because I have a such supportive husband, either fueling my weird Game of Thrones obsession (not that obsessed but I fucking love that show #teamtormund), to pushing me to fight my anxiety. He might get me something I really want, like stuff for baking. I will tag him, sharing a picture and of course make a cute pun. I like acknowledging that our relationship isn’t just GoT posts and bad dad jokes made by me. He deserves a lot of credit for being married to me, more than people will ever give him.

Sharing never before seen pictures of Cas recently born and Dines is something I will be doing ever now and then.

What about sharing pictures of yourself once in a while

Mate, who the fuck wants to look at me? I’m a ginger who weighs in at 60 with a socially awkward personality. Nobody wants to look at that. Plus I’m doing fine. I have my own blog!

Back in 2015, what a years that was. We went to Cologne and watched CS:GO.

But what I’m trying to say is, peoples’ social media is their own and if they feel like sharing pictures or statuses of their children or husband/wife. Let them and if you are unhappy about it, delete them and stop whining about it, you big baby.


Karina xoxo

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