Not a perfect human

With the right bag.

I admit it, I am a sucker for things that could and can benefit the environment. That’s why when I heard SortplusHvid was launching some new bags I couldn’t help but strike. Because these bags are truly practical, I already have one in pink with “Vesterbro” which I swear by and I’m never without. I use it for everything, from shopping to holding my school stuff during exams. Cas even took Dines’ bag and now has extra clothes in it when he is delivered to daycare. For me, I like the design. I want my bags to be better when I shop and while those plastic bags are also very harmful. I also think they are utter crap. I know how it sounds when I say that and it’s okay with me. But with these new bags, which are out now and you can buy in her web shop. You know she hits home with them. Sort+Hvid is trying to change the rate of using plastic bags, which I find inspiring. In 2007, 450 million Danes bought plastic bags, for the average it might not mean a lot, but for me it does. It might be ten years ago but I highly doubt the numbers have changed much since I live one minute from a supermarket and can look out my window to see the amount of people coming out with plastic bags. But it still meant that in 2007 they bought two plastic bags a week. So for me, these bags are needed to help lower the use of plasticbags. You can really see the detail put into the design and overall bag to make them a bit more fashionable than many other smilier products out there.

I like the Arrow Wood colour, I think it brings out the text a lot more, the word on the bag is “Nærvær” which in this situation is translated to “presence” which makes a lot of sense as the other bag says “Fællesskab” which translated means, community. I like the message that is coming across, presence about being in the moment and community about being in it together.

With that I will introduce Fællesskab, with the colour Limestone, it is no secret that I expect this one to become a huge hit, because it is in everybody’s taste, while Nærvær can be for certain tastes. Which is funny, because I actually bought Nærvær for myself, I’m not into the colour yellow or any of its friends, but this bag spoke to me on a level that made me look past the colour. Which I really enjoy now, I find it very soothing to look at. I also got Nærvær to send to my aunt in Australia and Fællesskab, we bought for my stepmother for her birthday. I really hope for more in the future if these sell well.
She also sells postcards in the web shop, I really love the “ALT ER LOVE” but I’m also a fan of skam.


Karina xoxo

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